The Certis Difference

Why choose Certis?

Certis continuously challenges the accepted norms and never stops innovating. We partner our clients to conduct 360 reviews to prescribe right-fit solutions that drives businesses forward.

We ask ourselves the same question every day – why should customers choose Certis? 

They choose us over our competitors because of the Certis Difference.

We help our customers manage change and disruption effectively with our unique Business Process Re-engineering and Operations® (BPRO®) framework.

We start with the end in mind — aligning our goals with our customers’ desired outcomes. Guided by design thinking, we place our stakeholders at the centre of all that we do.

We adopt a problem-solving approach, encouraging our people to innovate. All this while empathising with customers’ challenges and operational realities. We create optimum solutions with the intelligent use of technology, building upon the deep experience of our talent and disciplined and robust operational processes to our customers’ benefit.

We believe in building strong and lasting partnerships, collaborating and co-investing with our customers to achieve joint success. BPRO® is the best way forward for businesses with critical operations that are facing challenges in today's world of disruptions.

Your network security and physical capabilities has to complement and plug any possible vulnerabilities. Today, many physical and network security are handled by different departments and the lack of inter-communication means hackers can find gaps to exploit.

Certis has the capabilities and know-how to provide complete end-to-end security for both physical and cyber assets. Leveraging our expertise in physical security with Certis’ 60 years of experience and Quann’s leading edge cyber security solutions, Certis is the leader in total security protection.

Attacking via cyber means to compromise physical defences

Almost every business processes and systems are partially, if not completely, digitalised. Cyber attackers can remotely hack your Access Control Systems to gain physical entry with a counterfeit access pass. Will your security officer be able to spot the trespasser and tell the difference?

Attacking via physical means to compromise cyber defences

Your digital systems with strong cyber defences can be compromised by rogue physical access to the servers. If your physical access controls are not robust, a trespasser can simply plug in a thumbdrive and inject malware into your network. What do you do when your digital assets are exposed to physical vulnerabilities?

So, are you totally secure?

Certis has been the proud partner of the World-Class Changi Airport in providing manpower services, security systems, as well as technology to support the deployment and management of manpower at the airport.

We deploy more than 4,000 well-trained officers to perform services including access control, anti-touting and screening of passengers and baggage – all with an emphasis on service excellence and making every interaction with passengers a memorable experience.

Our winning formula involves synergising the best of our manpower with the latest technology, coupled with the adoption of Operation Excellence frameworks.

Security – Trusted award-winning aviation security provider

Speed – Expedient for overall airport smooth operations

Service – Winning formula of service excellence bar none


Our Winning Formula

Aviation Security Officers

Our Aviation Security Officers are specialised security personnel trained in operating sophisticated X-ray machines and pre-screening passengers.

Auxiliary Police Officers

Our Auxiliary Police Officers are well-equipped to perform their roles, being trained on the knowledge of the law, unarmed Police tactics and weapons handling skills. Officers are put through simulated scenarios and trained to react skillfully and decisively in life threatening situations.

Integrated Operations Centre

Our 24/7 Integrated Operations Centre enables superior situational awareness for optimal manpower deployment, monitoring and control. We are able to redeploy manpower to bottlenecks and ensure that the flights are able to take-off on time.

Quality & Learning Centre

Certis set up and operates a 24/7 Quality & Learning Centre to monitor the service delivery of all our officers and do immediate remedial action should any deviation from quality standards occur. Service courses are housed in the same centre to provide continuous training and upgrading for our officers.


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