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Security protection that makes the difference

Security systems combined with the deployment of security manpower can effectively enhance the security level of an organisation. By using security systems at strategic points, your organisation can also reduce its reliance on security manpower and trim security expenditure in the long run. 

With centralised sourcing of equipment by the Certis Security Group across the region and working closely with reputable systems manufacturers, we are also able to offer a choice and comprehensive selection of electronic security products and systems. 

Certis CISCO is the authorised distributor for Checkpoint Systems, a leading supplier for EAS systems 

Certis CISCO provides secured server hosting and data centre facilities

Certis CISCO's host of monitoring services is built on the backbone of one of the largest centralised monitoring centre in Singapore

Certis CISCO has the industrial experience and resources to plan and implement a robust security system catered for your requirements 

Certis CISCO offers large and small businesses reliable connections for end-to-end transmission of voice, data and video.

Certis CISCO provides a suite of integrated smartcard services and related peripherals 

Quann offers critical and trusted cybersecurity technology and services that specifically help organisations identify and deal with multi-dimensional risks relating to cyber risks

Provides independent IT security services and offers objective assessment of businesses' network security. Services include wireless vulnerability assessment and penetration testing 



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