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Security protection that makes the difference

Cash and valuable items attract a lot of attention. Without proper protection, their intrinsic worth and liquidity make them attractive and easy targets for thieves and burglars.


Our 24-hour secure, ATM replenishment service relieves banks of the labour-intensive burden of cash replenishment

Certis CISCO offers cost-effective solutions that improve your cash movement - from secure collection, transportation, to final delivery of your cash

Certis CISCO has sophisticated systems and processes in place to ensure reliability and accuracy in cash management

Providing secure storage facilities for valuable art pieces. Equipped with fire protection, humidity control systems and private viewing rooms

Certis Financial Transactions and Services Outsourcing offers a myriad of frontline and backend cash solutions that aim to transform customers’ business operations. By deploying our unique range of kiosks, our customers are free to focus on their core business functions.

Certis CISCO assures the safe passage of your valuables from door, to airport to any destination in the world

Open 365 days a year at a minimum of 12 hrs a day, our corporate and personal safe deposit boxes offer a secure yet convenient safekeeping facility

Our vaults are closely monitored round-the-clock by computerised security control systems for enhanced security



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