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Smartcard Products and Services - SCM Smartcard Readers
Certis CISCO is an authorised distributor of SCM Microsystems' (SCM) smartcard readers and related products. Headquartered in Ismaning, Germany, SCM is a leading supplier of digital access solutions and services.
Product Range
SCM's smartcard readers have been used in many key smart card deployments such as network logon, e-government, secure e-commerce and healthcare management. One application is the Singapore Public Service (PS21) cards which Certis CISCO supports. 

Certis CISCO carries the following range of SCM products:

USB Smartcard Readers
  • SCR331
  • SCR3310
  • SCR3311 Heavy-duty reader
  • SCR335 Compact reader
  • SPR337 Combo fingerprint & smartcard reader

PCMCIA Smartcard Readers
  • SCR 243 PCMCIA Interface
  • SCR3340 ExpressCardTM Interface

Contact & Contactless Dual Interface Readers
  • SDI010 Secure Dual Interface Reader

Biometric Fingerprint Readers
  • SCR222 PC Card Fingerprint Reader

Product Specifications and Downloads
Download Technical Information and Drivers
Compliance Standards
SCM's smartcard readers provide plug-and-play interface, support a wide range of data exchange rates and offer automatic card insertion and removal detection. It reads and writes to all ISO 7816 and all types of synchronous and asynchronous smartcards.

SCM's smartcard readers are compliant with the relevant industry standards including
  • Common Criteria
    For secure data exchange based on defined assurance levels.
  • Europay MasterCard Visa (EMV)
    Support secure data exchange in financial applications.
  • Finread
    European standard for PC and readers used for financial applications.
  • PC/SC (Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs Certified)
    Ensures that SCM's readers can interface with almost any existing computer platform.

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