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PSmartcard Products and Services - Personalisation Services

With key data like identities, passwords and access rights information stored on smartcards, the need for effective management on secured production, distribution and maintenance is essential. At the same time, cost-effectiveness and speedy solutions with a high level of customisation and personalisation are also important considerations.
More than just smartcard personalisation services, Certis CISCO provides a seamless integration of services from the time of purchase to final delivery, with the highest level of security to protect our customers' interests.

Our Approach
We employ a customer-centric approach by first listening and getting to know the customers' needs and requirements better. Our consultants will then conduct a feasibility study before recommending the most cost effective smartcard solutions with the necessary capabilities and scalability.

Our Services
Our secured smartcard personalisation services provide:
  • On-site photo-taking
  • Customised card design and printing
  • Support for different encoding for enhanced security
  • Production of multifunctional cards
    (including Public Service (PS), contactless, cryto and other commercial cards) 
  • Incorporation of card security features to prevent counterfeiting
  • Secured delivery to customers
  • After sales card administration and database/Photo management
  • Technical support 

Who will need it
These services cater to companies and institutions from any sectors that require secured visual identification with logical access, such as:
  • Property developers
  • Membership clubs
  • Retail businesses (e.g. loyalty / reward cards)
  • Businesses requiring secured door access and/or computer security
  • Commercial schools or education centres

Certis CISCO has been providing and managing smartcard deployments for both commercial and Singapore government agencies. These include:
  • Public Service 21 (PS21) smartcards for the Singapore government
  • Security passes for global logistics providers and manufacturing plants
  • Smartcard deployment for financial institutions/banks
  • Security passes for the Singapore Police Force (SPF)
  • Identity cards for SPF & SCDF NSmen

Related Products and Services
Certis CISCO also provides other related services including:
  • Card Accessories (E.g. Blank cards, cardholders, clips, customised lanyards etc.) 
  • Secured PKI infrastructure management and server hosting
  • Leasing of data centre facilities
  • Secured onsite storage of key cards

For enquiries , please contact us at
Tel : (65) 6842 8992
Fax: (65) 6846 9734

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