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Certis CISCO featured in Channel NewsAsia's Singapore Revealed
30th March 2014

On 23rd February 2014, Channel NewsAsia aired its new documentary series, “Singapore Revealed” – part of a slew of projects commissioned by the government to celebrate 50 years of nation building.

In the six-part television series hosted by Adrian Pang, viewers were brought on a quest to reveal Singapore’s hidden systems that keep our streets clean, the traffic flowing, the money in our pockets and the floodwaters from our doors. It uncovered how the engineers, technicians, works and planners, all respond to the multitude of challenges they constantly face, and the mounting pressures that stretch their systems to the maximum as Singapore becomes increasingly populated.

Broadcasted on 30th March 2014, Certis CISCO had the honour of being featured in the episode – “Financing Singapore”, whereby it showcased our role in the infrastructure that keeps Singapore’s economy going. Certis CISCO’s Cash Processing Centre and Loading Bay area was featured provide an inside look at our operations.

Mr. Lee Hock Heng, Vice-President and Head of Certis CISCO Secure Logistics, was interviewed in the episode to give viewers a comprehensive understanding of the critical role Certis CISCO plays in the cash ecosystem in Singapore.

The show explored the idea of what would happen if ATM replenishments stopped for a day, displaying the critical role Certis CISCO plays in the cash ecosystem in Singapore.

“Financing Singapore” is available online on Channel NewsAsia at
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