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Certis CISCO Officers recognised at Commissioner of Police's Commendation Ceremony
28th June 2016

On 28th June, 8 outstanding Certis CISCO Auxiliary Police Officers were recognised at the annual Commissioner of Police's Commendation Ceremony held at the Home Team Academy with Commissioner of Police Mr. Hoong Wee Teck as the guest-of-honour.

The ceremony acknowledges the efforts and contributions of extraordinary individuals and teams for their consistent outstanding work, meritorious service, bravery and outstanding leadership.

The 8 Certis CISCO officers who received the awards at the ceremony are PC (APF) Nyeow Wei Jie, LCP (APF) Mohamad Safri, LCP (APF) Mohamed Faizal, LCP (APF) Paul Seah, PC (APF) Vivekumar, SGT (APF) Muhammad Adzri, PC (APF) Seridaran, SSG (APF) Mohamed Nazreen.

Outriders LCP (APF) Mohamad Safri and LCP (APF) Mohd Faizal were travelling back to base when they spotted a motorcyclist travelling against the traffic flow along Tuas Avenue. Instead of stopping after the duo honked, the motorcyclist swerved and rode in the opposite direction. It led to a short chase.

The motorcyclist, who was found to be riding without a licence, offered money to the officers in an attempt to get off the hook. Both LCP (APF) Safri and LCP (APF) Faizal rejected him firmly and professionally.

“He was riding in a manner that endangered both his own life and the lives of others. Even if it meant risking our own safety, we had to do something about it.” - LCP (APF) Faizal

“It is the proudest moment in my 15 years of service with Certis CISCO and it is really an honour to receive the award.” - LCP (APF) Safri

The commendations are testament of our officers' professionalism, and Certis CISCO is proud to have such vigilant and alert officers.
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