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At Certis CISCO, our Integrated Operations Centre operates round the clock to monitor customers' burglar & fire alarms, personnel and mobile assets. The first and largest of its kind in Singapore, this state of the art nerve centre is designed with customised technology to centrally monitor and control all Certis CISCO's and our customers' operations.


Certis CISCO offers 24/7 vigilant surveillance of your security alarm system to offer you peace of mind

CASPERS (Certis CISCO Automated Secured Personnel Reporting System) allows you achieve command and control over your operations in real-time

CWATCH (Certis CISCO Weapon Alert & Tracking Communications Holster) ensures consistent monitoring of firearms and the safety of your officers


Certis CISCO provides 24/7 remote monitoring of your fire alarm system via GPRS-based wireless or leased-line

The Track and Trace service helps manage & track in real-time the location, status and behaviour of mobile assets, whether they are vehicles, cargo or people

From monitoring of auxiliary alarms to key-holding services, these services further enhance the security of your premises

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