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Business Processing Outsoucing - Fitness, Health & Well-being Services
Certis is able to provide a wide range of fitness training services, offering specialised and customised training to meet their specific needs at both individual and large group levels.

Professional Fitness Training

With qualified and experienced fitness trainers and our gamut of fitness training capabilities, Certis is committed to meeting
your specific fitness training needs. 

Trainer Experience

Certis’ more than 100 professional fitness trainers are trained at Certis CISCO Academy which has been in operation for over 35 years. Besides providing training services for our customers and external agencies, it is Certis’ training and education provider 
managing all training requirements of Certis’ complete operations. It has successfully delivered the training curriculum and certification fundamental to Certis’ successful operations.

All trainee auxiliary police officers are required to pass the IPPT in order to graduate. The academy trains all current auxiliary police officers to pass their annual IPPT to ensure that they are fit for duty. Qualified by the Singapore Sports Council with the Basic Exercise Course and Fitness Instructor Course Certifications, our fitness trainers are well-versed with Training
Safety Regulations and are equipped with the necessary life-saving skills. They are trained in first aid and certified to use Automated External Defibrillators (AED) and perform Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in response to emergencies.
Our specialists in sports science can design sports and fitness programmes, as well as conduct sports and health talks. These can be designed for all age groups and tailored to a company’s specific requirements. We also work with leading education
institutes to provide these services.

Our Training Experience

Certis has provided a wide range of fitness training services to various government bodies, statutory boards, academic institutes and commercial outfits, offering specialised and customised training to meet their specific needs both at individual and group levels.
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