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Manpower -  Executive Protection  

Certis CISCO Executive Protection is an elite security force providing close protection service for important persons at various events and social functions. Our Executive Protection escort the VIPs carefully from one location to the next, assuring their safety at all times. Here are the types of services we provide:

  • Personal Bodyguard
  • Celebrities Escort
  • Commercial VVIP Escort
  • Business Associates Escort

Nationally Accredited Close Protection Service
Certis CISCO Executive Protection are WSQ certified in People Protection, Enhanced Basic Security Course and Supervise Security Officer Course by Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA). Every Executive Protection officer has to go through stringent selection processes and rigorous training curriculums.

Competent in operations and scenario planning as well as careful on-site execution, Executive Protection officers ensure the utmost safety of the persons they are tasked to protect. Putting on tailored suits and meeting grooming standards, Executive Protection officers portray a confident and professional image appropriate for all functions. With On-The-Job training and On-Site assessments, the vigilant Executive Protection officers make sure that every assignment is effectively carried out.


Detailed Route Planning and Execution
Armed with in-depth knowledge and expertise in security, Executive Protection officers are capable of planning routes for close protection assignments. Meticulous and experienced, our Executive Protection officers will assess the threats, analyse the sites and craft itineraries for the VIPs prior to the assignments. In addition, floor plans are carefully studied to ensure that Executive Protection officers are familiar with the actual sites.

Advanced technology
Leveraging on Certis CISCO's operational expertise, all VIPs and Executive Protection officers are closely monitored with our in-house facilities such as the Certis CISCO Protection Services operations room, Integrated Operations Centre (IOC) and Certis Automated Response System Plus (CARS+). CARS+ is a personnel tracking system that makes use of biometric technologies to manage and determine the situational report, status and location of the deployed officers at duty posts. With our operations rooms operating 24 hours round the clock, we are capable of keeping all assignments under control.

Safety Assurance
Certis CISCO recognises and prepares our security officers for every potential safety issue. Accredited by St John Ambulance Singapore, all Executive Protection officers are proficient in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED). They have also undergone close quarters combat training, a type of fighting technique which involves confrontation at a very short range. You can always count on our Executive Protection officers should emergencies arise.

Implementing Certis CISCOs holistic approach M(Man, Machine, Method) and integrating Certis Service Delivery System (CSDS) to all our operations, the dedicated Executive Protection officers are committed to ensure your safety at all times, providing you with a peace of mind at your designated locations.

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