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Integrated Operations Centre - CASPERS

Certis CISCO Automated Secure Personnel Reporting System (CASPERS) is the 'heart' of Integrated Operations Centre (IOC). This is proprietary software inputted into any mobile phone and allowing for the deployment, and command and control of APOs and AvSOs on duty. Their status is updated when APO/AvSO uses the CASPERS to acknowledge receipt of a tasking and to take a photo of a 2-dimensional matrix tag placed at various duty and other locations. These details are sent to IOC via GPRS and IOC is able to execute effective actions in event of no acceptance of tasking, late arrival at duty posts, and non timely situation reporting etc.

Key features of CASPERS:
  • Intelligent allocation and deployment of personnel based on proximity and status
  • Ensure that the correct guard makes his appointed rounds at the correct intervals.
  • Verify guard personnel by registration of their presence at checkpoints of the supervised facility.
  • Provides real-time data with immediate awareness of guards and locations
  • Allows remote off-site tracking
  • Allows quick redeployment of resources to distress locations
  • Comprehensive Audit Trail reports

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