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Secure Logistics - Cash-in Transit Services

Certis CISCO offers a cost-effective solution that improves your cash movement. Cash and valuables are tagged, bar coded and transported in security vehicles accompanied by armed personnel before being deposited at a specified destination.

With a thorough understanding of your requirements, we make use of technology to plan routes effectively and track vehicles accurately, enabling us to provide prompt and efficient service at all times.

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Cash-in Transit Services - FAQ
Why should I use your services for depositing my daily cash receipts in my bank?  

Anyone carrying large sum of cash to the bank is a vulnerable target for robbers. Robbery incidents have been commonly reported in the newspapers. You should therefore not take the unnecessary risk nor should you risk the lives of your staff by detailing them to carry out such trips to the bank.

It is also not prudent to risk the loss of your hardearned money as the amount of your daily cash receipt is many times the actual profits you make. For example, if you make an average of $5,000 in sales a day and your net profit is 5% ($250 a day), you will need to make a sales of $100,000 just to make up for a loss of $5,000. Your risk will be even higher if you visit your bank with your cash receipt once every few days.

Are my cash and valuables fully insured when I use your service?  

All cash and valuables in transit and under our custody are insured under our comprehensive insurance coverage.  

How do you charge for this service?  

We offer a packaged rate for regular assignments while hourly rates apply for occasional assignments. Please call us at 6747 2888 or send an email to with the following information and we will provide you with a competitive quote:
• Collection and delivery locations 
• Time of collections and deliveries 

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