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Manpower - Auxiliary Police Services

Robberies foiled, unauthorised visitors denied entry, contrabands detected and seized. Under the vigilant and alert attention of Certis CISCO Auxiliary Police officers, we protect your assets and premises from danger and threats.

From key installations to protected places, government buildings to commercial complexes, banks to embassies, industrial facilities to high value asset factories, our presence deter crimes from occurring and keep lives and assets safe.

Established track record
Our experience in protecting high security facilities and premises dates back to 1958 where we were the guard and escort unit under the Singapore Police Force. Today, with over 47 years of operational experience, Certis CISCO Auxiliary Police Force is the most established with the reputation of setting the standard for security excellence.

Flexibility in deployment
As the largest Auxiliary Police Force in Singapore, we have the capability to scale our resources to meet your specific security needs. Whether it is a one-man duty post or a 500-strong team deployed for special operations, we have the capability to train and organise our officers effectively for the mission at hand.

As an ISO-certified organisation, our officers operate according to well-defined standards and procedures to consistently uphold high standards of excellence in their performance. Guided by standard operating procedures that are regularly reviewed for currency, our officers operate according to tested procedures to ensure that your security is never taken for granted.

Well-trained for the mission
When it comes to training, we spare no efforts to equip our officers for the roles they perform. The comprehensive training curriculum, which is approved by the Singapore Police Force, equips officers to handle a wide range of situations. It includes knowledge of the Law, unarmed Police tactics and weapons handling skills. Officers are put through simulated scenarios and trained to react skillfully and decisively in life-threatening situations. 

Besides these, continuous upgrading of knowledge and skills is an integral part of our operation to ensure our officers are able to perform their duties in an ever-changing security environment. In fact, Certis CISCO Auxiliary Police officers receive the most comprehensive training because we take the security of our customers seriously.

Customised technology for support
Our investments in technology enable us to boost our effectiveness in skills training and operation.

As the only Auxiliary Police Force with a small-arms training simulator that is configured with myriad security scenarios, our officers receive comprehensive and practical training in the proper use of firearms. Together with our purpose-built electronic shooting range, we ensure competence and bolster confidence in the drawing of firearms so that when lives and assets are under threat, our officers are empowered to deliver the appropriate response swiftly for your security well-being. 

Supporting every Certis CISCO Auxiliary Police officer in keeping your assets protected is our state-of-the-art Integrated Operation Centre that runs around-the-clock. The first of its kind in Singapore, it is designed with customised technology to monitor and control all current Certis CISCO operations. This allows faster response to security incidents and ensures that your security is never undermined.

Scope of Services

Static Security
Keeping watch over the high security premises and facilities as well as business magnates and prominent personalities, we maintain constant vigilance and alertness to deter, deny and detect the potential activities of criminals. 

Mobile Escort
For outsized vehicles travelling on public roads, our outrider escort service ensures the drivers arrive at their destinations without incidents and at the same time, we protect the safety of other road users. 

Armed Response
Round-the-clock, our mobile armed response teams are on the alert to respond to any security incidents when your alarm system is triggered. Our service serves as a first-line of response in an intrusion and gives you the assurance that the situation is receiving prompt attention while the Authorities are being alerted. 

Traffic and Crowd Management
At public events where throngs of people are gathered, Certis CISCO Auxiliary Police officers play a key role in establishing order and maintaining the law. For street processions, our outrider escorts play a key role in ensuring a smooth progress. 

Value-Added Service
As the trusted name in security, we also offer value-add advice on pertinent security issues such as access control, area security and celebrity protection to contribute to your event's success.

Where security matters, you can count on Certis CISCO Auxiliary Police to deliver without exception. The skills and dedication of our officers is capped by our resolute commitment to set the security standards for your needs.

Contact us to find out how you can acquire our auxiliary police force services.

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