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Smartcard Product & Services - Visitor Management System

For many organisations, registering visitors upon their arrival is usually a time consuming and manual process. It is also prone to human errors particularly if visitors register with illegible handwriting. While a manual visitor management system can still be implemented effectively, an electronic solution is more flexible and efficient.

Certis CISCO's Visitor Management System (VMS) enables you to electronically sign in and sign out your visitors by simply scanning their ID. It also helps you to print and administer visitor passes consistently.
VMS has a wide application scope and can be used effectively at schools, government buildings and hospitals and other places. It helps you monitor the status of all visitors in your facility as it can easily generate visitors pass records to provide you with total security control.

Key Benefits
  • Pre-installed system where no setup is required
  • Operator-friendly with intuitive interface
  • Visitor details captured with OCR technology
  • Efficient visitor check-in and check out administration
  • Visitor pass labels printed consistently
  • Maintenance of security ‘Watch List’
  • Powerful reporting tools
  • Ability to backup, archive, import and export visitor profiles and records
  • Fast and stable database engine
  • Reliable technical support

Key Functions
  • Visitor Registration
    • Easy to use with operator friendly interface
    • Barcode scanning of visitor’s ID enables fast check-in and check-out of visitors
    • Visitor’s details recognition using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology eliminates manual data entry and reduces typographical errors
    • Visitor pass labels printed consistently
  • Easy Administration
    • User access rights and duty officers’ profiles easily managed
    • Visitor profiles and records can be imported and exported
    • 'Watch List' helps monitor against blacklisted visitors
    • Visitor profiles and records easily archived and back-uped
  • Reporting Tools
    • Five types of reports available: Evacuation List, Visitor Profile, Visitor Event, Occurrence Event and Duty Officer Attendance Report
    • Easy search, filter and edit functionality
    • Reports printed based on department, tenant or visitors’ company
    • Reports can be exported to .pdf, .xls, .doc or .rtf formats
  • • Daily Operations
    • Duty officers can sign-in and sign-out for duty shifts
    • Duty officers can record occurrence events
    • Supervisors can print duty officers attendance and daily occurrence reports

Basic Package
A basic Visitor Management System package consists of:
  • VMS software
  • On-site software installation
  • On-site user training
  • User manuals

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