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Logistics Services - Vaults

Vault facilities for your organisation
Certis CISCO helps depositors handle caches of valuables for storage and safekeeping in vaults located at our premises. Typically, these include cash, jewellery, precious metals and stones.

At Certis CISCO, vaults are installed with sophisticated security and surveillance system. The vaults are closely monitored round-the-clock by computerised security control systems to give full protection to your organisation precious commodities.

Data on stored items are logged into computer systems and can be retrieved upon request. Clients who need information on the current status of their stored valuables are thus assured of a fast and responsive service.

Anything that enters Certis CISCO’s vault facilities must pass through a series of stringent authorisation checks. A consignment is tracked using bar codes from collection until it has been safely deposited within the confines of the vault. Our tracking vigilance continues until the valuables have been safely delivered and handed over.

Certis CISCO also receives, stores and delivers these consignments according to clients’ instructions. With Certis CISCO, clients need no longer be exposed to the dangers of armed robberies and theft snatchers.

Contact us to find out more about Certis CISCO's vault facilities.

Cash-in Transit Services - FAQ
What can I keep in Certis CISCO's vaults?

Our storage facility is ideal for the safekeeping of cash, gold, silver and any other valuable items. We can also manage your bulk consignments by receiving the goods on your behalf and thereafter delivering them to any place at any time in any amount as specified by you.

What are the operating hours of Certis CISCO's vaulting facility?

We are open round-the-clock, 365 days a year including public holidays.

Where are you located?

We are just 20 minutes' away from Singapore's Changi Airport and is conveniently accessible from the Pan Island Expressway. Our address is Certis CISCO Centre, 20 Jalan Afifi, Singapore 409179.
Q: Do I have to pay Goods & Services Tax (GST) when I store my valuables in your facility?
A:  Our vaults come under the bonded warehouse scheme which conceptually is an extension of the Free Trade Zone (FTZ). When imported goods are removed from the FTZ or imported and stored in a bonded warehouse, GST on the goods is suspended. Similarly, GST is suspended when the goods are transferred from a bonded warehouse to another. GST is only charged when the goods are sold in the local market. Certis CISCO will fully manage the inventory control of the bonded goods. 
Q: Can you collect my valuables for storage at Certis CISCO? 
A:  We provide security transport services for the collection and delivery of your valuables from your premises to our storage vault and vice versa. This will minimise your risks during the transportation of valuables.
Q: How would you charge me for the service?
A:  There are two basic charges for using the security storage service - the opening and closing charges and the storage charge. These rates are affordable and competitive and are often quoted on a packaged basis.
Q: Are my valuables insured during your custody?
A:  Certis CISCO provides a comprehensive insurance coverage policy to assure you of maximum protection.

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