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Integrated Operations Centre - Value-added Services

Certis CISCO offers these value-added services for security alarm monitoring. Depending on your security needs and the level of risk, you can choose the type of response that works best for you. If you subscribe to our armed response service, we will provide the first-line response for both burglar and panic alarms.

Scope of Services
  • Armed or Unarmed Response Service
    Certis CISCO is providing an option for armed or unarmed response service. Around-the-clock, our response teams are on the alert to react when we receive alarm activations from your premises. Our response team will ensure the security of your premises while you verify the alarm activation.
  • System Arm/Disarm Monitoring Service
    Taking a proactive step in ensuring the security of your premises, we can assist to monitor the arming and disarming signals of the alarm system based on a pre-arranged schedule. The Responsible Officer will be informed in the event the alarm system is not armed or disarmed according to the pre-arranged schedule. This feature is often used to monitor the opening and closing hours of business outlets.
  • Auxiliary Alarm Monitoring Service
    Besides the monitoring of fire and security alarm systems, Certis CISCO extends our 24/7 monitoring services to other non-intrusive alarm devices to assist customers to monitor their key business equipment.

    Examples include the monitoring of alarm parameters such as the freezer temperature of cold stores, power supply of industrial air-pumps for fish-farming/aquariums and other amenities. Similarly, the Responsible Officer will be informed by Certis CISCO when such alarms are triggered.
  • Key Holding Service
    The Key Holding Service essentially authorises Certis CISCO Security Officers access to the keys of the secured premises. In the event of an alarm activation, Certis CISCO Security Officers will respond to the scene. The Responsible Officer from your organisation will also be notified of the activation and has the option of not attending to the scene.

    Certis CISCO Security Officers will enter the premises and check for signs of any intrusions, re-set the alarm, secure the premises and update the responsible officer of the situation.
  • Report Generation Service
    As a value-added service, activity reports can be generated to give you a detailed listing of the daily alarm activities. These detailed reports are particularly useful in providing a detailed security audit trail.

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