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Business Processing Outsoucing - Training Services

Certis Management Services provides Shooting Range Design, Consultancy & Management as well as Ammunition Management, Weapons Handling, Training and Specialised Training.

Our Weapons Training Specialists

Cross-trained in various weapons, our 40 professional weapons trainers have the ability to equip personnel to achieve accuracy and precision in marksmanship. Possessing experience of up to 35 years, holding ranks of up to Lieutenant
Colonel in the Singapore Armed Forces, more than half of the team were weapons trainers in the Singapore Armed Forces during their tour of services. With full knowledge of Training Safety Regulations, our weapons trainers conduct all
courses and ranges with safety as paramount importance.

Shooting Range Design, Consultancy & Management Expertise

Having designed and operated our firing range, Southeast Asia’s first fully automated multi-purpose indoor range, since 1985 and now building on this expertise with Certis’ pool of former Singapore Armed Forces experts and commissioned officers with a wealth of experience as staff, Certis has the distinctive edge to satisfy all your range design, consultancy and management needs.
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