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Integrated Operations Centre - Track and Trace

Certis CISCO’s Track and Trace service employs the best in technology to communicate and track in real-time the location and status of your mobile assets, be it vehicles, cargo or people. Based on proven systems and processes, our service ensures that your mobile assets are constantly monitored to keep you in the know. With a wide scope of applications ranging from fleet management to secure transportation of high-value goods, the service provides 24/7 proactive monitoring and an Armed or Unarmed Response Team ready to respond to any emergency.

Key Features
  • Tested and Proven Tracking Capability
    Certis CISCO’s Track and Trace service utilises both GPS and GSM location-based technology for its superior tracking capability. Certis CISCO is able to provide accurate, real-time monitoring of your mobile assets even when there is no GPS coverage. Certis CISCO ourselves, utilises this tested and proven capability to manage one of the largest fleet of vehicles and personnel for our cash-in-transit operations in Singapore.
  • 24/7 Proactive Monitoring
    Certis CISCO’s Integrated Operations Centre provides a 24/7 proactive monitoring in responding to incidents and notification to customers. This facility helps in providing timely response in any emergency, especially crucial for mission critical activities.
  • Armed/Unarmed Guard Response Team
    As a leader in providing highly trained security officers, Certis CISCO is able to provide armed and unarmed guard response team for immediate and swift response.
  • Integrated Personnel and Vehicle Tracking
    Besides the ability to track the real-time deployment of individual vehicle or personnel, Certis CISCO’s Track and Trace service is also able to integrate the tracking of personnel with the vehicle. An example will be for a specific driver to be “tagged” with a specific vehicle and when the “tagged” relationship is violated or broken, alerts will be generated for immediate action.
  • Geo-Fencing Capability
    An intelligent rule-based engine helps you to build “rules” or “virtual fences” around pre-defined areas or locations and alerts can be set for notification should the “rules” broken or “virtual fences” entered or exited.
  • Multiple Alerts and Notifications Management Capability
    Our system is also capable of monitoring a large number of assets simultaneously. It systematically manages incidents and filters against custom-defined rules. The system automatically triggers alerts and prompts for appropriate response once an unusual event or unauthorised activity happens.
  • Web-based Monitoring System
    By logging on to a secure Website over the Internet, you can monitor and perform real-time tracking of your assets at your own discretion and convenience.
  • Wide Range of Readily Available Reports
    A wide range of reports is available for efficient asset or fleet management. These can include summary, detailed or daily activity reports or specific incident reports like route deviation or exceeding speed limits. Customisation of reports is also available upon request.

Core Benefits
  • One-stop Managed Service
    Based on a fully build and operate model, Certis CISCO’s Track and Trace service helps you monitor your mobile assets, deliver real-time alerts and status updates as well as provide timely response to incidents. It is a comprehensive and complete solution, giving you peace of mind and allows you to concentrate on your core business.
  • Tested and Proven Solution
    Certis CISCO’s experience in deploying the Track and Trace service on our own operations is a firm testimony of its efficiency and operational effectiveness. Operating one of the largest cash-in-transit businesses in Singapore, Certis CISCO tracks our security vehicles and personnel ensuring safety and security. You can have full confidence and assurance that the service is indeed a tested and proven solution.
  • Enhanced Security and Safety
    Your peace of mind is assured with better knowledge of where your mobile assets are and the ability to monitor their movement and behaviour patterns.
  • Increased Productivity
    By monitoring time spent on jobs, you can better plan and control the movements of your mobile assets. This translates to benefits like route optimisation and reducing the risk of delays and schedule disruptions.
  • Subscription and Utility Model
    Our service is based on a subscription and utility model with minimum up-front payments. This avoids commitment on high up-front costs and ensures better cost management.
  • Cost Efficiency
    The wide range of reports can help you manage and lower operating costs through improved control and management of your resources such as the regulation of fuel consumption and reduction in administration overheads.
  • Timely Response
    Certis CISCO is a recognised leader in providing highly trained security officers. With 24/7 monitoring by Certis CISCO’s Integrated Operations Centre, we can provide immediate and swift response with either an Armed or Unarmed Response Team.

  • Fleet Management
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Personnel Tracking
  • High Security Courier Services
  • High-value Goods
  • HAZMAT Operations
  • VIP Escort Homeland Security
  • Traffic Enforcement

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