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Smartcard Products and Services

Certis CISCO provides a suite of integrated smartcard services and hardware products which includes smartcard personalisation services, data protection software management tools as well as smartcard related hardware products and applications.

Certis CISCO's Roadwarrior offers a greater level of information protection via pre-boot authentication and encryption of the hard disk

Certis CISCO provides and manages smartcard personalisation services for both commercial and government agencies

Certis CISCO's Visitor Management System allows you to electronically sign-in/out visitors by simply scanning their ID

Smartcard Peripherals 

Certis CISCO provides a range of products from smartcard readers to products that support end-to-end card personalisation process, from image capturing, card design creation and management, card printing, encoding to lamination.  

Certis CISCO is an authorised distributor of Digital Identification Solutions (DIS) card personalisation products

Certis CISCO is an authorised distributor of SCM Microsystems' (SCM) smartcard readers



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