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Manpower - Security Concierge

Certis CISCO Security Concierge is a top-notch security force that provides both security and customer oriented service for high-end businesses, venues and events. Certis CISCO Security Concierge are professionally trained to serve as service ambassadors for our customers in various industries:
High-end Retail
• Hotels
• Convention Halls
• Large Commercial Buildings
• Luxurious Residences
• Banking

Our clients include:
• Prada
• Miu Miu
• Plaza Singapura

Customer Oriented Security Service
Equipped with the skills to deliver quality customer service, the Security Concierge are dedicated to provide customer oriented security service for our clients. To ensure that the Security Concierge are well-prepared for every assignment, they are trained to integrate and familiarize with your organization's working culture and facilities. As the first point of contact for your clients and visitors, the Security Concierge are best able to answer their queries, furnishing them with accurate and concise information and extending assistance to people in need. Having integrated fully with the operations and culture of our clients' businesses, visitors to customers' premises will enjoy a positive service experience right from the beginning.

Knowledgeable and Well-Groomed Security Force
Security Concierge are WSQ certified in Enhanced Basic Security Course and Security Screening by Workforce Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA). The Security Concierge undergo a stringent selection process whereby they are selected for relevant experiences and higher academic certifications. In addition, they have to be proficient in English Language so that they are able to communicate effectively with the public. Smartly attired in blazers, the Security Concierge project a sharp image for your premises and businesses.

Advanced technology
Leveraging on Certis CISCO's operational expertise, every Security Concierge deployed to your premises is monitored by Certis CISCO Protection Services operations room, Integrated Operations Centre (IOC) and Certis Automated Response System Plus (CARS+) system. CARS+ is a personnel tracking system that makes use of biometric technologies to manage and determine the situational report, status and location of the deployed officers at duty posts. Operating 24 hours round the clock, IOC provides incident management support when the need arises. With professional Certis CISCO personnel managing the operations, we are capable of keeping all assignments under control.

Applying Certis CISCO's holistic approach M3 (Man, Machine, Method) and integrating Certis Service Delivery System (CSDS) to all our assignments, our Security Concierge are committed to provide excellent customer service and ensure that the safety and security of customers' premises is never undermined.

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