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Certis CISCO signs Memorandum of Understanding with Union of Security Employees to further improve staff welfare
30th May 2014

 Certis CISCO is proud to announce the partnership with Union of Security Employees (USE) with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on the 30th of May.

Certis CISCO has been supportive of the work of NTUC and the Union of Security Employees (USE), in looking after the well-being of employees in general. The MOU will see more than 6,000 eligible employees, or about 60 per cent of Certis Group’s workforce, being offered membership into the Labour Movement.

Mr Paul Chong, President and Chief Executive Officer of Certis CISCO Security said: “as an employer of choice, our organisation has constantly reviewed policies and initiatives in the interests of our staff. Last year, we implemented a wage restructure exercise and the net pay increment is $18.1 mil per annum. And we have also been supportive of the efforts by NTUC and USE in looking after the well-being of employees in general. As such, we are gratified to be able to take our cooperation further, with the MOU, to further enhance our current efforts and improve our employment conditions and attractiveness.”

A Managed General Branch (MGB) will also be formed following the MOU signing today. Currently, Certis CISCO has an established procedure for grievance handling, which will continue to be the primary means for resolution of all grievances. The MGB gives employees additional avenue to bring forth cases of grievances for both MGB and Certis CISCO to manage together.

This will be supported by an Industrial Relations Officer of USE.

The event was graced by Minister in the Prime Minister's Office, Mr Lim Swee Say, and Chairman of Certis Group, Mr Lim How Teck.
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