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Official Opening of Boys' Town Occupational Therapy Room
17th February 2017

Earlier in July 2016, Certis CISCO presented a cheque of $60,000 to Singapore Boys’ Town for the setting up of an Occupational Therapy room. On 17th February 2017, Certis CISCO has returned to celebrate its official opening. Certis CISCO chose to name the Occupational Therapy room "Courage" as the room will serve as a transformational haven where the boys will muster the inner strength, and be brave and overcome whatever obstacles they are facing. In this room, there are various exercise equipment such as a punching bag, an inclined monkey bar and a zip line. This grants the boys an avenue to communicate their fears and emotions to the in-house occupational therapist. As the boys are better understood, they receive the opportunity to engage in everyday life to the fullest and to grow into a better person. On top of funding this Occupational Therapy space, Certis CISCO has been relentless in our engagement with the boys through activities like soccer, runs and photography lessons. The efforts will not stop here but will continue as strong relationships with the boys are being forged.
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