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Certis CISCO Auxiliary Police Officer's efforts recognised by Commissioner of Police
5th June 2017

SSGT (APF) Mohamad Ismail Bin Yahaya who is currently in charge of day-to-day deployment of 39 Auxiliary Police Officers and 11 Security Officers at Certis CISCO Secure Logistics, took the initiative to perform an overhaul of the deployment system so as to boost its efficiency. His efforts cut down the time his team members takes to chart the duties of each ground staff from 6 hours to 5-10 minutes each day. This works out to a saving of 1,789 man-hours per year.

To overhaul the deployment system, SSGT (APF) Ismail spent three months on the ground with the supervisors and their officers to understand their day-to-day operations, followed by another three months to brainstorm ideas and optimise the system to effectively deploy manpower. He also proactively sought advice from his own superior and IT colleagues to overcome the obstacles he encountered.

"It is a matter of how to utilise technology so that we can bring about changes that can improve our everyday job,” said the father of 5. Through a more streamlined process, deployment efforts are made more efficient and the freed-up resources can be channeled to other aspects of the operations.

For his initiative in ensuring efficiency, the Certis CISCO security officer received a commendation award from Commissioner of Police Hoong Wee Teck at a ceremony yesterday at the Home Team Academy.

Due to his outstanding work performance, SSGT (APF) Ismail was sponsored by Certis CISCO to pursue the Diploma in Police Studies & Security Management at Temasek Polytechnic as part of his personal and professional development in the organisation.
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