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Certis CISCO inks MOU with ITE for cooperation
15th August 2014

This is the first time that Singapore’s largest security firm is collaborating with an educational institution in the field of security technology specifically in Security Technology-related training and development for staff and students at ITE College West. As a smart user, smart buyer and smart integrator of technology, Certis CISCO displays strong capabilities in the design, installation and maintenance of large-scale security projects. The firm installs more than 10, 000 cameras annually making it the largest CCTV installer in Singapore.

Under the agreement, ITE and Certis CISCO will jointly develop a curriculum to be incorporated into the National ITE Certificate (Nitec) in Security Technology, Higher Nitec in Security System Integration and certification electives. They will conduct a feasibility study on providing a Security Technology-related Diploma programme. Within the five years of collaboration, Certis CISCO will also sponsor an estimated S$80,000 worth of equipment to set up the ITE - Certis CISCO Training Centre at ITE College West. Additionally, Certis CISCO will facilitate knowledge and skills transfer to ITE staff and students through training, awards, attachments and visits. ITE and Certis CISCO will also share knowledge and experience in pedagogy, appropriate technology areas and existing security practices that are agreeable to both parties.

Annually, students pursing Nitec in Security Technology or Higher Nitec in Security System Integration courses will be given the opportunity to attain book prizes and be attached to Certis CISCO for six months as part of the students’ internship programme. The attachment shall complement and reinforce skills and knowledge acquired by the students during their institutional training and to develop competencies in other specialised areas related to their training. Certis CISCO will also provide local industry attachment places for other ITE students in Higher Nitec in Security System Integration course.

Mr Charles Loh, Senior Vice President, Security Services Group said: “We are very excited about the possibilities of sharing knowledge, expertise and skills with ITE students who are interested to pursue a career in this field. We thank ITE College West for the confidence placed in Certis CISCO and look forward to a fruitful win-win partnership".

Said Dr Yek Tiew Ming, Principal, ITE College West: “This collaboration will offer an excellent platform for the two parties to draw on each other’s individual strengths and synergise their resources. This partnership is a perfect example of the philosophy of ITE to continually engage industry to provide industry-relevant education that produces industry-ready technical specialists.”
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