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Security protection that makes the difference

Performing access control to ensure only authorised persons enter, patrolling the grounds to ensure nothing is out of the ordinary, managing traffic control on the premises, these roles undertaken by the security officers play an important role in helping to keep premises safe.

Certis CISCO Auxiliary Police armed security officers provide protection for your organisations and their premises

Certis CISCO provides aviation security manpower services to meet the increasing needs of aviation security requirements

Certis CISCO provides enforcement services, leveraging on our experience in the area of security

Certis CISCO provides a complete range of event security service for your event needs. We have played a critical part in recent events, which include Singapore Youth Olympics 2010, National Day Parade and F1 Singapore Grand Prix, to ensure the utmost safety of the public and the participants

Certis CISCO Executive Protection is an elite security force providing close protection service for important persons at various events and social functions. Our Executive Protection escort the VIPs carefully from one location to the next, assuring their safety at all times

An elite security service for high-end businesses, venues and events where a fair amount of interaction with VIPs or visitors is expected

Certis CISCO protection officers are WSQ certified & trained to perform access control and perimeter patrolling duties

Assisting traffic management assignments which includes the enforcement against illegal parkin



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