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Infocomm - Facilities Management

Certis CISCO offers peace of mind to companies who wish to house their sensitive computer center operations. Offering a highly secure data centre environment, our facilities are equipped with uninterrupted power supply, stand-by generator and building automation system where customers outsource their facilities management, hosting, tape management services to Certis CISCO.
  • Business Recovery Centre
    In light of terrorism, malicious hacking, geopolitical tension and natural catastrophes, the security and resilience of an organisation's infocomm infrastructure have become a day-to-day concern for businesses and management. Certis CISCO offers private-suite data center facilities for commercial organizations to operate their local and regional recovery centre.
  • PKI Hosting
    Certis CISCO has a range of facilities and services aimed to manage and host Public Key Infrastucture (PKI) operations for companies that require key and card management services. Offering a secure hosting environment and security-cleared staff, companies can focus on their key business and let Certis CISCO manage the hosting and PKI services.

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