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Integrated Operations Centre - Fire DECAM Services

Fire DECAM is a decentralised fire alarm monitoring service. Whether it is for government, commercial or residential properties, Certis CISCO provides 24/7 remote monitoring of your fire alarm via GPRS-based wireless or leased-line.

Scope of Services
  • Wireless Fire DECAM service
Approved by SCDF, Certis CISCO's wireless Fire DECAM service utilises the mobile phone network to transmit signals from the DECAM panel to Certis CISCO Integrated Operations Centre (IOC).

The connection between the DECAM panel and the Certis CISCO Integrated Operations Centre is regularly supervised to ensure it is in good working order. Offering 24/7 monitoring support, this service enables prompt and effective response to emergencies.
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Alarm Monitoring System - FAQ
Why do I need my security alarm system to be monitored?

Security alarm systems are generally designed to detect unauthorised intrusion into a premises. It triggers a siren when an intrusion is detected so as to deter the person from entering. However, in a secluded or quiet location, the siren may not serve its purpose and the premises can be broken into. To prevent this from happening, an appropriate counter-measure must be taken upon detection. This is where having your security system monitored is the key.

Certis CISCO offers Alarm Monitoring service to ensure that prompt and appropriate response will be undertaken to protect your premises in the event of a break-in.
I do not want my alarm to be activated each time as some may just turn out to be false alarms. Can you offer me a service?

We have a "Key Holding" service to minimise the inconvenience of false alarm situations. Your key will be securely kept in our safe and in an emergency situation, issued under strict procedures.

This service permits specially appointed Certis CISCO Auxiliary Police officers Response Team to hold the key of your premises. This enables them to conduct a physical check of the activation zone and the peripheral areas.
What are the charges for alarm monitoring?

Our basic rate for alarm monitoring service is $450 per year.
Why Certis CISCO's alarm monitoring?
Certis CISCO is the trusted name in security. Government agencies, embassies, financial institutions and industrial and commercial complexes engage us as their security partner. When you engage Certis CISCO's monitoring service, you can be assured of our reliability. Besides monitoring intrusion detection systems, Certis CISCO also has the resources and infrastructure to monitor fire alarms.
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