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Manpower - Event Security Services

Recognising that safety is the primary concern for a successful event, Certis CISCO provides a comprehensive range of event security services for your event needs. With our extensive knowledge and expertise in security, we plan and manage your event security, and execute the plans with our finest capabilities.

We have the largest fleet of security manpower, which comprises of armed officers in Auxiliary Police Force and unarmed Protection Officers. Our organisational strength allows us to provide you with a combination of armed and unarmed officers at your events and we have the ability to scale our resources in line with your event requirements. Flexible and experienced, we can customise and allocate the resources - the armed and unarmed officers - to your events' advantage.

Our armed officers in Auxiliary Police Force, proficient in law and police tactics, are always ready to react skillfully and decisively to any emergency situations. All our armed officers are required to undergo an intensive training curriculum which includes handling firearms, police unarmed tactics and security operational training. Supported by Singapore Police Force, they possess the rights to detain criminals on the spot and activate their firearms in life-threatening situations.

Skilled in protecting your premises coupled with a pleasant disposition, our unarmed Protection Officers balance customer service with security and play a significant role in helping to keep events safe. They are trained to conduct stringent checks on visitors, baggage and vehicles. As the first line of response during an intrusion, our Protection Officers will take immediate action to alert the authorities.

Operating 24/7, our Integrated Operating Centre (IOC) monitors the event operations and provides incident management support when the need arises. The operations support ensures that our officers can react swiftly to any security incidents.

Crowd and Traffic Control
At events where crowds are gathered, Certis CISCO Auxiliary Police Officers and Protection Officers play a key role in establishing order and maintaining the law. Vigilant and reliable, they keep the public organised and ensure the safety of the crowd.

For street processions, our outrider escorts are fundamental in ensuring smooth operations as they play a crucial role in clearing the road for important vehicles and preventing cars from cutting into the lanes of the vehicles.

Access Control
To restrict the premises only to authorised persons and vehicles, we set up access control facilities at the entrances with X-ray screening machines and station our Auxiliary Police Officers and Protection Officers at the sites.

With handheld metal detectors, the officers ensure that each and every person is cleared of dangerous items before allowing them to enter the premises. They check all the vehicles' boots and verify all vehicle passes before the vehicles enter the stipulated car parks. This ensures the security of your premises while protecting the lives and assets within.

Our Auxiliary Police Officers and Protection Officers are always on the move to ensure the order of the premises. Calm and alert, they are constantly looking out for suspicious characters to ensure that the premises are not compromised. They make sure that all event locations are properly safeguarded and properties and items are safely kept in place.

Static Point Duty
Keeping watch over high security premises and facilities as well as business magnates and prominent personalities, the Auxiliary Police Officers and Protection Officers maintain constant vigilance and alertness to deter the potential activities of criminals. They ensure that nobody trespasses on restricted areas and assure that all important locations are thoroughly protected by our security personnel.

Over the years, we have contributed and played our part in the following events...
  • The Inaugural Singapore Youth Olympics 2010
  • National Day Parade
  • F1 Singapore Grand Prix Night Race
  • Singapore Airshow
  • Chingay Parade
  • Capital Mall Celebrity Autography Sessions
  • IISS Asia Security Summit, The Shangri La Dialogue 2010
  • Soccerex Asian Forum 2010
  • F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2009
  • APEC Singapore 2009
  • Queen's Birthday at British Embassy in Singapore 2009
  • Indonesia Presidential Election at Indonesian Embassy in Singapore 2009
  • ASEAN Summit 2008
  • Chinatown Mid Autumn Celebration 2008
  • Marina Bay New Year Countdown 2008
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Singapore Youth Olympics 2010

National Day Parade 2010

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