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Smartcard Peripherals - DIS Card Personalisation Products
Certis CISCO is an authorised distributor of Digital Identification Solutions (DIS) card personalisation products in Singapore. DIS is a leading global ID solution provider based in Stuttgart, Germany.
Range of Products
DIS' suite of products support every stage of an end-to-end card personalisation process, from image capturing, card design creation and management, card printing, encoding to lamination.

A wide range of card security features such as ultraviolet (UV) printing, electronic guilloche, invisible personal information (IPI), and standard and customised holographs are also available to combat fraud and counterfeiting.


Image Capture Modules
  • CCD 5500 Capture Module
  • Digital Camera Module

ID Card Printers

  • DCP 100 
  • DCP 240+ 
  • DCP 340+ 
  • DCP 360i
  • XID 560ie 
  • XID 570ie 
  • XID 580ie 
  • XID 590ie
ID Lamination
  • ILU Inline Lamination Unit
  • OLM Overlamination Module
Other Products Include:
  • ID Software
  • Cardware

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Tel: (65) 6842 8992
Fax: (65) 6846 9734
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