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Smartcard Products and Services - Data Protection - Roadwarrior

For the busy working professional always on the move, the laptop is an indispensable tool for on-the-road computing needs. However without adequate protection, the data on board is at risk to data theft which can destroy your business competitive advantage or impact your profitability.

RoadWarrior offers a greater level of information protection by seamlessly encrypting the hard disk of your laptop. Using a single smartcard and a password ensures a reliable yet convenient way of securing and accessing digital information. Should the laptop go missing, the information stored within remains secure since it cannot be accessed without the smartcard and password combination.

Key Benefits
  • Preinstalled system with no installation required by you
  • Highly secure hard disk encryption with pre-boot authentication
  • Data encryption process is automatic and completely transparent to you
  • Hard drives, logical drives and even removable storage devices can be encrypted
  • Additional layer of protection with the use of a smartcard and password combination
  • No “Master password” vulnerability that compromises unauthorized access to other systems on the network
  • Prevents unauthorized copying of data to floppy disk or other removable drives
How it works

Key Features
  • Design and Architecture
    Utilizes the international “Public Key Cryptographic Standards” (PKCS#11) for security products allowing secure yet easy compatibility with popular third-party hardware and software applications.
  • Encryption Algorithms Used
    Secure data encryption by utilizing Triple AES (256 bit) encryption and SHA-2 hashing algorithms.
  • Pre-Boot Authentication
    Integrates with popular third-party tokens and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) with password authentication at pre-boot time.
  • Single Sign On
    Users can be configured to sign into the Windows operating system automatically using the Roadwarrior smartcard and a single password.
  • No “Master Password” Vulnerability
    Unique centralized key management does away with the “Master Password” vulnerability that can compromise network security.
  • Flexible Key Labeling
    Versatile key labeling allows easy yet secure sharing of encrypted files, disks and removable media.
  • Protected Multi-Users for Shared Computers
    An unlimited number of users can be issued individual keys to access a single computer. Users can easily choose the method of securing their computer utilizing a password-only and/or token integration.
  • Secure Screen Saver
    When the smartcard is removed, RoadWarrior™ locks the computer and the secure screensaver application is enabled preventing unauthorized viewing the contents of the current screen.
  • Encrypts Removable Drives
    Easily encrypts floppy, Zip, Jazz drives, USB, Firewall drives as well as thumb drives.
  • Disk Lock
    Provides access control to floppy disks or other removable drives preventing unauthorized copying of data.

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