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Healthcare Services - Certis OK!

Certis OK! Home Monitoring & Response Services is an elderly monitoring solution that ensures total care for your elderly relatives when they are alone at home. The solution comprises of motion sensors, door sensors, a gateway and duress button.

If no movement is detected from the elderly for a long period of time, or if the duress button is pressed, an SMS alert will immediately be sent to a designated next-of-kin. If there is no response from the next-of-kin, our call center will be alerted, and Certis Healthcare ambassadors will be deployed to the elderly's residence to render medical assistance.

Certis OK! Home Monitoring & Response Services allows you to work away from home with ease and be instantly notified if your elderly relative requires assistance.

It enables the elderly greater freedom at home, 100% privacy (no CCTVs!), and immediate medical assistance when necessary.

Contact us at 6268 3133 to find out more. 
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