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A Frontline Integrated Cash Solution

CASHPoint+ is a simple frontline cash solution that allows retailers and bill service providers to better focus on their core business and improve their operational productivity.

  1. Improved Customer Service
    Staff are afforded more time to improve on their quality standards

  2. Enhanced Cash Security
    Cash is automatically credited into store’s bank account, resulting in a lower risk of financial loss

  3. Detailed Record of Transactions
    Electronic journal and CCTV audit trail records each transaction

  • Collection of cash and dispensing of change to customers
  • Detailed record of transactions
  • Capable of integrating various e-payments
  • End of days’ takings are credited into store’s bank account
  • Float management system that recycles cash for subsequent transactions

  • Product Dimensions:
    65cm (W) x 65cm (D) x 190cm (H)

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