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Manpower - Aviation Security

For nearly four decades, the aviation industry has had to counter and respond to the threat of terrorism. Civil aviation and airports remain a high-profile target for terrorists and other criminals who seek to publicise their cause and further their aims on the international stage. The emergence of the suicide terrorist in the past decade presents a very real and present threat to civil aviation, with the aim of causing mass fatalities. Fatal attacks, foiled and failed attempts in other parts of the world have demonstrated that terrorists possess great flexibility and creativity to plan and carry out attacks to critical infrastructure of the State. Such threats remain unpredictable. Therefore, an array of strategies and capabilities must be developed to prevent and mitigate the many possibilities of hostile actions.

We in Certis CISCO Aviation Security group, are a recognised leader in the provision of aviation security expertise, with the capability to provide other specialised security services as required by our business partners. We can provide complete security solutions for airports, authorities, airlines and other airport-related businesses. We tailor our security practices and regulations to suit our clients and assist them in achieving a high level of security within their operations. This will deter any criminal attack, while meeting or even exceeding Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security requirements. With professionals to formulate and implement far-reaching strategies for the maintenance of airport security, your businesses and critical national infrastructures are assured of maximum protection.

  In Changi and Seletar Airports, we employ more than 2,500 security personnel who work round the clock, handling multi-faceted duties. These encompass Access Control, Pre-Board Screening, Hold Baggage Screening, Immigration Checkpoint Security Screening, Anti-Touting Enforcement, Airport Perimeter and Baggage Sorting Area (BSA) mobile patrols and even Airport Pass operations. Our X-ray operators are touted to be the finest amongst the various security providers operating in Singapore, and have been engaged by government authorities in all major events held locally.

Aspiring to be service-centric and quality oriented, Certis CISCO adopts a total quality management policy, employing qualified professionals who work tirelessly to help groom and level up the skills of our security personnel. Essentially, we believe that with well-trained and committed men, who employ effective tried and tested processes and security solutions while constantly exploiting technology, will help us to achieve security and service excellence. 
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