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Integrated Operations Centre - Security/Burglar Alarm Monitoring Services

A security or burglar alarm system in its simplest form triggers a loud siren to attract attention when it detects an intrusion. In situations where the siren goes unreported, thieves get away with the loot. For a security alarm system to be fully effective in serving its purpose, it should be monitored around the clock. Certis CISCO offers 24/7 vigilant surveillance of your security alarm system to offer you peace of mind. 

Scope of Services
Certis CISCO offers these services for security alarm monitoring:
  • Burglar Alarm Monitoring
    Should Certis CISCO receive a burglar alarm activation from your premises, we will contact the Responsible Officer (RO) to verify the cause of the alarm activation.
  • Panic/Duress Alarm Monitoring
    Should Certis CISCO receive a panic/duress alarm activation from your premises, we will activate the Police.
  • Certis CISCO Value-added Response Services
    Certis CISCO is providing an option for armed or unarmed response service. Around-the-clock, our response teams are on the alert to react when we receive alarm activations from your premises. Our response team will ensure the security of your premises while you verify the alarm activation.
    Depending on your security needs and the level of risk, you can choose the type of response that works best for you. If you subscribe to our armed response service, we will provide the first-line response for both burglar and panic alarms.
  • Key Holding Service
    Our key holding service releases you and your RO from attending to the situation when Certis CISCO receive burglar alarm activations from your premises. By entrusting your keys to us, it authorises our response team to access your premises. Our response team will enter the premises, check for signs of intrusion, reset the alarm, secure the premises and update you or your RO on the situation.
Types of Alarms
  • Wireless Alarm Monitoring
    Certis CISCO's wireless security alarm monitoring service utilises the mobile phone network to transmit signals from your security alarm system to Certis CISCO's central monitoring station. Besides monitoring alarm signals, this communications link is polled round-the-clock, thus ensuring effective and prompt response to emergencies.
  • Phone-Line Alarm Monitoring
    A basic package where the security alarm system is connected to Certis CISCO's central monitoring station via the normal telephone network. As it is phone-line based, it is essential that the communication link is not disrupted or tampered with. It is important that the telephone handset is always properly placed back after usage in order for Certis CISCO's central alarm monitoring station to receive the transmission of the alarm signal.

    Contact us to find out more about our alarm monitoring services.

Burglar Alarm System - FAQ
Do I need security alarm systems if I already have strong door locks and windows grilles?

Strong locks and grilles are necessary to provide the basic level or protection for your premises. However, although locks and grilles will deter and deny intruders, they could still be easily breached by professionals and determined burglars. Having conventional security measures alone does not provide complete protection of the premise as well as for safety of family members. An alarm system linked to our 24-hour monitoring centre would definitely enhance the overall protection for the premise, allowing the owner to enjoy complete peace of mind.
What should I look for in selecting a security alarm system?

Performance and effectiveness of the security system must be the most important considerations when deciding on a security system. There are several guidelines to follow when deciding on what is appropriate:
  • Get a security professional to conduct a proper and in-depth analysis of your premises and have an appropriate security system design that is tailored to your premises.
  • Use good quality products. Do not compromise on a security system that performs poorly.
  • Ensure proper installation of your security system by security system by security companies. For instance, proper care must be taken to eliminate the possibility of tampering with the system.
  • Ensure proper usage and maintenance of your security system. This will ensure continuous functionality of the system. Sign up for regular maintenance service.
  • Consider linking your security system to an alarm monitoring station. You will have complete peace of mind as the system is monitored round-the-clock. In addition, the station will either inform the Police or despatch a response team to the premises concerned, in the event of activation.
  • Make sure that the security company you engage is a reputable company with a good track record
How much do I have to pay for a home security alarm system?

The cost of installing a security alarm system for a home various from home to home depending on the design and the risk faced. On the average, it will cost:
  • HDB apartment or condominium: $799 - $3,000
  • Terrace house: $2,500 - $4,000
  • Bungalow: $3,000 - $15,000
Annual maintenance cost on average is about 10% of the systems cost.

Q: What are the causes for false alarms?
False alarms are normally triggered by poor performance of alarm systems and detectors, and human error. This problem can be overcomed by:
  • Having an alarm system that is designed to suit your premises. Employ a reliable and reputable security company that can provide professional advice
  • Insisting on good quality alarms and sensors
  • Performing regular maintenance on the alarm system to ensure its functionality
  • Ensuring that the security company conducts proper training on the use of the alarm system.

At Certis CISCO, all our equipment and systems are thoroughly tested and evaluated by our technical professionals. We believe in having our security experts conduct an in-depth threat analysis at our client's premises prior to system design and installation. Once the installation is completed, our technical personnel would brief and train customers on the proper way of operating the security system. We also provide reliable after-sales service and maintenance to further ensure the functionality of the systems installed at the premises.
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